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Kindergarten Supply List




NO BACKPACKS OR OTHER SUPPLIES NEEDED!  The teachers in Kindergarten are requesting that the children do not bring a backpack.  Teachers will provide a folder or envelope for each child to carry home notices and other important papers.

Children do not need to bring any school supplies.  The classroom teacher will inform you if there are special needs during the year.

SNACKS:  Starting school is a new and often exhausting experience for your child.  He/she will need all available energy to cope successfully with new people, environment, routines and activities.  In addition, it is likely that your child is now getting up earlier and eating breakfast earlier than before, and lunch will be a LONG time away!

Because of this, we are asking that you provide a light mid-morning snack for your child. This is not LUNCH - only nutritious snacks can provide an energy pick-me-up to keep your child doing his/her best throughout the kindergarten day.  Here are a few suggestions for high energy foods:  juice, milk, banana, grapes, bread, non-sugared cereal, crackers w/peanut butter, dried fruit, raisins, celery sticks, carrot sticks, half of a bagel, yogurt, slices of fruit, trail mix, celery w/cheese, oranges (peel removed), apple slices, cheese (low fat), or any fruit cup for easier eating.

Avoid prepackaged foods with large amounts of sugar, fats or salt.  We discourage snacks such as cupcakes, donuts, cookies, candy, twinkies, marshmallow puffs, pies, potato chips, tortilla chips, etc.  We appreciate your cooperation and your support in providing whole-some and nutritious snacks to promote healthy eating habits.

LUNCH:  Children may bring a lunch box or lunch bag.  Help your child learn to open and close thermos or plastic containers.  Let your child know which items are for snack and which are for lunch.  Besides sandwiches, rice dishes or noodles in a thermos would be nice choices for variety.

We request that your child not purchase a hot lunch during the first two weeks of school so that the teachers can establish lunch routines.  Lunch menus will be sent home each month.
Please be sure to go over the lunch menu to insure that your child will enjoy his/her meal.
Meals must be paid in advance at the office or online.



The Kindergarten Team