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Noble Elementary School

Noble Elementary School

School Site Council


Site Council MembersPrincipal: Andrea Ortiz  Staff:  Katie Gulland, William Diamond CSEA Representative: Janet
Parents:  (BDAC representative)
Purpose: To insure community participation in educational decision making for the school.

Goals that were agreed upon this year:
  • Develop, review, monitor SIP Budget, school budget
  • Seek ways to expand involvement of all families, with a special focus on  bilingual families
  • Monitor beautification project and school modernization
  • Amend By-laws
  • Process and administer the one-time grant monies

The Noble School Site Council is composed of representatives of parents, teachers, administrator,
and other representatives of the community.  The purpose of the Site Council is to advise the administration and the Board concerning the interests, desires and expectations for student achievement
and growth at the school or when it is necessary to modify or redesign programs because they no
longer meet the needs of students. The purpose is to reaffirm that the education of students is a co-
operative responsibility shared by all groups: parents, teachers, administrators and other representatives of the community.

This group was formed to oversee the School Library Block Grant.  The intent was a design to provide a system for continuous improvement, the School Library Block Grant emphasizes the importance of school-based planning and evaluation and provides funding to facilitate necessary changes in a school's program.  In authorizing and funding the School Library Block Grant, the legislature provided a means for "Improvement in California elementary, intermediate, and secondary schools to ensure that all schools can respond in a timely and effective manner to the educational, personal and career needs of every pupil."