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Knightly News
Week 22:
Booster thon is here. This is a great program that gives us valuable lessons and activities all while helping us raise funds for Noble.  On site here at Noble we will have Booster thon coordinators work with all students daily on character traits tied in with social emotional tools and strategies.  We work on team building, citizenship, friendship, making good choices, and how we treat each other. The classes will do this by working with the on site coordinator and watching a video daily to follow a story featuring characters visiting national parks.  Each day students will be given a challenge they can complete at home in the evening.  This is the part that raises funds.  By completing the challenge at home they win onsite rewards such as extra recess, a fun activity with the coordinator, etc.  But part of that is also an online fundraising platform.  The fundraising portion is optional.  If your family wants to participate, great. If not that’s absolutely good too.  No matter if students participate in the fundraising portion they still get to participate in all the fun onsite activities,  the biggest one being a Dance Fit Party at the end of the program. 
I would like to thank Ms. Wong and the Valencia family for having their companies, Wong Realty Group and Superior Tree and Service Inc., sponsor our Noble Explore tshirts.  By doing so every student will receive a tshirt as part of our Booster thon (passed out sometime next week).   We ask kiddos to please wear their shirts on Tues, Jan. 31st for our Dance Fit Challenge Celebration.  Thank you so much for your support! 

Please review the safety reminders below:
  • We are a school zone. The speed limit is 25mph
  • Please do not park in red curb locations
  • Courtesy goes a long way. Please do not cut in front of other cars or drive down the wrong side of the road to get to the parking lots faster
  • Do not call for your child from across the street or ask them to cross the street alone
  • Please do not honk in the turn around.  All horns sound the same and are not individual to students. So when someone honks to get a student’s attention everyone stops to look, causing a backup. 
  • Please fill the turn around as much as we can. Do not stop at the crosswalk to let out your students. Keep moving forward to fill in all available spots before letting your students out of the car…..also do not let students out at the corners of the turn around on Grossmont dr.  You are impeding traffic
  •  Please do not use the handicap spaces to drop off your student’s. These are for people who need the accessibility and have placards.  
  • When exiting the turnaround onto Grossmont Dr.  It is a right turn only out of the turn around.  There is posted signage indicating so
  •  The side parking lot ( by the lunch area)  is a parking lot only and is one way. You enter the parking lot by the portables and you exit the parking lot by the school building. This is not a drop off space for students.
  • Traffic needs to be continuous.  Please do not stop to watch your child walk all the way into campus.  This causes a delay as well as a hazard as others  try to drive around you.
  • Please remember that as adults we are the models for our students.  There should never be obscene gestures  or comments made no matter how upset we are. 
Important dates to remember:
  • Jan. 23 - PTA Association Meeting (see for details)
  • Jan 26th- Spirit Day- Pajama Day
  • Feb. 3 - Talent Show Signups are due (see for rules and details)
  • Every Thurs. is Minimum day dismissal. Kinder 12:50 and 1st-5th 1:15
Attendance reminders:
We would like to remind families that if your student will be out for the day for any reason that we do need you to call the office to report the absence daily.  Even if you informed the classroom teacher you must call the office as that is where attendance is marked in our main system. 
Please also remember that the only excused absence is illness.  If you can bring in a doctor's note for the absence it helps greatly to clear the days out.
Elections are coming up, and we are looking for people to fill our Nominating Committee.  This is the committee that presents the list of people interested in serving on our PTA board next year.  If you are interested, please email or
For translation assistance, please call one of our District hotlines below:
Chinese, 408-923-1901
Spanish, 408-923-1902  Español
Vietnamese, 408-923-1903
Si desea más información en español, por favor llame a la línea de asistencia en español al 1-408-923-1902 y alguien le llamará para darle un resumen de este documento.
Xin gọi số hotline của khu học tại 1-408-923-1903 và sẽ có người giúp quí vị để hiểu những điều cốt yếu của văn kiện.