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Noble Elementary School

Noble Elementary School

Principal's Message

Andrea Ortiz, Principal

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year. We hope that you had a safe and relaxing summer. Noble School staff has been steadily preparing for the beginning of school and getting ready to welcome each child to an exciting year of learning.

As the principal of Noble, my goal is to make sure that each child is safe, given every opportunity to learn to his/her fullest potential, and enjoys coming to school each day. Our Noble School mission states that it is important for us all to work together to ensure our students become responsible, academic, independent, successful, and empowered individuals. Therefore everyone must join together in an effort to teach our children. The parents, staff, and community must unit and do their part to ensure that each child receives an excellent education and a wonderful school experience.

As we begin the new school year, keep in mind that children do better in school when they have a set routine at home. To prepare your child for the rigorous learning environment, please consider using the following routines throughout the week.

RELAXED : Music can help your child avoid the morning rush. Play a soothing tape and ask them to be dressed and ready by the time it is over. On Sundays have him/her put each outfit for the coming week on a hanger labeled Monday through Friday.

ENERGIZED : A good breakfast increases concentration. Offer your child healthy choices.

CONNECTED : Talking about the school day lets you child know you care. Ask him/her to share two good things that happened during the day. Prompt him/her with specific questions, such as "Which addition table did you practice?"

PREPARED : Studying a little every day is the best way to learn new material. Help your child choose a time for homework when he/she is most alert and try not to change it.

RESTED : A set bedtime helps children fall asleep more quickly. Suggest that your child get to bed 15 minutes early to read, make up stories, or talk quietly with you.

Noble staff appreciates your support and thank the parents for allowing us the opportunity to educate your children.