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3rd Grade

3rd Grade Teachers:

Mrs. Hong,  Mrs. Cooper & Mrs. Sharma

Our goals for your child's year in the Noble Third Grade Program:

Reading: Bythe end of the Third Grade, students will understand the basic features of text and the literary elements of theme, plot, setting and characters. They use phonic, syllabication and word parts to translate letter patterns into fluent oral and silent reading.  Students use a variety of comprehension strategies such as generating and responding to essential questions and making predictions and comparisons as they read and respond to a wide
variety of literature.

Writing: By the end of the Third Grade, students will write clear and understandable sentences and paragraphs that develop a central idea. Their writing considers audience and purpose. They successfully use the stages of the writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising and editing their work. By the end of the Third Grade, students will write compositions that describe familiar objects, events and experiences. Student writing demonstrates a command of standard English appropriate to their grade level.

Speaking & Listening: By the end of the Third Grade, students will give brief recitations and oral presentations about familiar experiences. They will be organized around a theme or thesis statement. Speaking will demonstrate a command of Standard English. By the end of Third Grade, students will listen and respond to oral communication and speak in clear and coherent sentences. They speak in a manner that guides and informs their audience.

Mathematics: By the end of the third grade, students deepen their understanding of place value and their skill with addition, subtraction multiplication and division of whole numbers.  They estimate, measure and describe objects in space. They use patterns to help solve problems. They represent number relationships and conduct simple probability experiments.

History & Social Science: Third Grade students learn more about our connections to the past and the ways in which government and traditions have left their marks on current society. They will explain the institutions and practices of governments in the United States and other countries.

Science: By the end of third grade, all students will have science experiences and instruction in Physical, Life and Earth Science. Students will demonstrate and apply the scientific Process through investigation