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2nd Grade

2nd Grade

Mrs. Cooper, Mr. Diamond & Mr. Mok

Our goals for your child's year in the Noble Second Grade Program

Reading: By the end of the Second Grade, students will understand the basic features of text and the
literary elements of the theme, plot, setting and characters. They use phonic, syllabication, and word
parts to translate letter patterns into fluent oral and silent reading. Students use a variety of
comprehension strategies, such as generating and responding to essential questions, and making
predictions and comparisons as they read and respond to a wide variety of literature.

Writing: By the end of Second Grade, students will write clear and understandable sentences and
paragraphs that develop a central idea. Their writing considers audience and purpose. They
successfully use the stages of the writing process, prewriting, drafting, revising and editing their work.
By the end of Second Grade, students will write compositions that describe familiar objects, events
and experiences. Student writing demonstrates a command of Standard English. By the end of Second
Grade, students will write and speak with a command of Standard English conventions appropriate with
their grade level.

Speaking & Listening: By the end of Second Grade, students will give brief recitations and oral
presentations about familiar experiences. They will be organized around a theme or thesis statement.
Speaking will demonstrate a command of Standard English. They will listen and respond to oral
communication and speak in clear and coherent sentences.

Mathematics: By the end of Second Grade, students understand place value as they add and subtract
and use simple concepts of multiplication. They measure quantities with appropriate units. They classify
and see relationships among shapes. They collect and analyze data and verify answers.

History & Social Science: Second grade students explore the lives of actual people who make a
difference in their everyday lives. The students will explain the institutions and practices of governments
in the United States and other countries. They will understand the importance of individual action and
character and explain how heroes from long ago and the recent past make a difference in others lives. Biographies of prominent people in history may be used.

Science: By the end of Second Grade, all students will have science experiences and instruction in
Physical, Life and Earth Science. Students will demonstrate and apply the Scientific Process through
investigation and experimentation using grade level appropriate activities. They will know characteristics
of heat, sound and light energy. The students will know that plant and animals have predictable life cycles.
They will know that earth is made of materials that have distinct properties and provide resources for human activities.