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Click on the links at the top of this page to visit helpful places:

Passport Presentation Dates:  Here's where you will find the date your student is presenting their Passport to California suitcase.
Newsletter: Here's where you'll find this month's classroom newsletter.
Cool Links: Looking for our school's Accelerated Reader list?  Are you looking for homework help?  Here's where to go to find Cool Links to other sites that can offer you help !
Homework: Here is this week's homework and challenges.
Calendar: Upcoming field trips and school events can be found here!
Supplies List: Here is where to go to find out what supplies your child will need to be successful in 4th grade.
Biomes Report:  Here is where you will find information to do the Animal Biome Report for Science.
Mission Report:  Here is where you will find the information on how to do the Mission research report for Social Studies.
Life Science Study Guide:  Here is where you will find the study guide for the final test