November 14, 2012

Dear Room 17 Parents;

          This Friday, November 16, we will have our Thanksgiving cultural feast.  If you haven't had a chance to sign up for anything yet, just bring something that you and your family typically share that is a part of your culture or tradition.  You need not bring enough for all, we have plenty to share.  Dishes may be brought in the morning and we can heat them up before lunch if necessary.

            If you have not signed up for our class Yahoo Groups, please send me a note with your email address so that I can request adding you to it.  Then, when you receive the invitation, you can sign up and receive email updates about our class.

          Here's what we've been up to: 

Language Arts:  We have read a story called, "Tomas and the Library Lady".  It is a personal narrative about a little boy whose family are farm workers.  Tomas loves reading and learning and he grew up to become a teacher, a principal, a writer, and even had a school named after him.  We finished listening to "The Witches" by Roald Dahl and watched the movie too.  Then, we wrote about the differences between the two.  We are now writing personal narratives as well.

Math: We have been working on algebra with variables.  Now we are learning two digit multiplication.  I am very happy with the way my students performed in the district benchmark test!

Science: We have finished our study of rocks and minerals.  This Thursday, my students rotate into Mrs. Dalal's class to study earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides.  Look for homework to come home every Thursday that must be done for me by the following Tuesday.

Social Studies: We have finished many of our California map skills.  We are beginning a study of California Indians and Explorers.  Look for information to come home after Thanksgiving break describing the new project your student will be working on.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  There is no school next week.  Take time to tell your loved ones how special they are.  Thank you for blessing me with your wonderful children this year!

Pamela Thomassen - room 17         923- 1935 ex. 2817