Mission Report Instructions

California Mission

Due Date:  Wednesday, February 27

You and your group will be creating a Mission report together.  You will be responsible for your own portion of the report, AND for how well you work together as a group, AND for your presentation to the class.

Your group will be reporting on the following items:

  1. History of Your Mission - When was it built, which priest was in charge of building it, where was it built, was there a special reason for it being placed there, did anything interesting happen there.  Include a timeline of events at your mission.
  2. Why Missions? Why did Spain want to build in California?  Why did Spain choose missions to build?  Why did the missionaries want to build missions?  Were their reasons the same as Spain's reason?
  3. The Four Types of Settlements - Compare and contrast the four types of settlements Spain built.  How are missions, presidios, pueblos, and ranchos alike and how are they different from one another?
  4. Father Serra - Father Serra has been called the Father of the Mission Chain.  Include an essay on Father Serra's life.  The one we did in together in class would be perfect.
  5. Mission Map and Pictures - Include a "Map of Missions in California"  Your teacher has this.  Also, draw a colorful picture of your mission and include a diagram of the mission grounds, explaining what each area was used for.  This section cannot be chosen by anyone as their only contribution to the group.
  6. Presentation Board - Your teacher has a presentation board for each group.  Word process each of the first four sections above. You should use a 12 pt font. Then, arrange your maps, essays, diagrams, and pictures on your board in a colorful way.  You  will be given a date to present your mission to the class.
  7. Grading - you will receive a group grade for the quality of your presentation board, a group grade for the quality of your group oral presentation to the class, a group grade for how well your teacher observed you working together, and an individual grade for your written part of the report.
  8. Extra Credit - you may earn extra credit for yourself and your group by traveling to Mission Santa Clara or Mission San Juan Bautista, or any of the other missions EXCEPT, Mission Carmel, and reporting what you saw and learned there.  Include photographs.  Or, you may build a model of your mission.  It could be from a kit, or one you make from scrap material, but it needs to look like the particular mission you are reporting on.

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