4th Grade Supplies List

4th Grade Supplies List 2010 / 2011
Noble Elementary School
Berryessa Union School District
Anjanette Winckler, Principal

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San Jose, CA 95132-3199
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Welcome to fourth grade!

Dear Parents,

Fourth grade is a very exciting year and we have many wonderful things planned for the students this year.

We would like to suggest some items that we feel would help your child be better organized at school.  If you would like to purchase your child's school supplies it would be of great help to Noble School, as we continue to deal with budget cuts that will affect us this school year.  Please refer to the following list of items that we are recommending.

Each child should have:

Pencils / pencil sharpener                                             
2 folders (these may need to be replaced later in the year)
Red ballpoint pen                                  
1 small pack of colored pencils                                            
2 single subject spiral notebooks (any color)

Classroom donations for the following are needed and appreciated:

paper towels                                                     pencil erasers
*box of Kleenex                                             dry erase markers                                           
colored markers                                             black Sharpie pens
*pencils                                                            *binder paper
*These items are greatly needed

We hope that you have had a wonderful summer.  We look forward to having your child in our classroom, and in seeing them on August 23rd.


The Fourth Grade Team

Ms. Pamela Thomassen, Mrs. Gena Pacada, Mr. Mark Blaine, & Miss Leticia Vasquez

Berryessa Union School District. 1376 Piedmont Road. San Jose, CA 95132. Marc Liebman /Superintendent