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Monthly Newsletter

Highlights of the Week of October 29th

Dear Parents,
Happy Halloween!!  The following are the highlights of the week:

Red Ribbon Week: This week is a designated Red Ribbon week. Our kids will learn the importance of healthy food in our daily lives and how a good diet and daily exercise help us to stay active and alert at all times. In this way, we will learn to make good choices and learn to say "no to drugs".

•  Halloween party and parade: Our Noble parade begins on Wednesday at approx. 10;40 AM AND A CLASS PARTY WILL FOLLOW THIS AT 11 AM sharp. Parents may feel free to leave any of the food items in the morning. Also, pls. remember that all First graders are expected to bring their costume in a bag and not wear it to school. There are absolutely no masks and weapons allowed that day!

Rainbow Fish reading logs and monthly response journals due by Nov. 1st: Please make sure that your child submits these two documents ASAP so that they could earn a free pizza coupon from "Pizza Hut".

Garden box: Our Room 5 now has a garden box of our own. You are invited to walk to the Noble School Garden area and find the young pea plants gaining height. They have been transplanted into the main garden. Thanks to the efforts of Marcus' grandma and mom for helping our kids in planting peas and finally transferring them to the main plot!

• In the same note, I would like to extend my heart thanks to all our lovely parent volunteers who have tirelessly dished out their time and energy to help out in the classroom---thanks to Mrs. Counsil, Sharon Nutt-Marcus' grandma and Mrs. Cuebas for helping out every week! I would also extend my gratitude to Quinn's dad for taking out his valuable time and enriching our program by helping out in so many ways! All those parents who took pictures at Hidden Villa are requested to turn them in to me on a CD by this Friday, as Mr. Tu would like to put them together for the end-of-the year DVD.

Parent-teacher conferences: Look out for the reminder slips in the Wednesday envelope! This is your last chance to sign up!

WORM COMPOST BIN COMES TO OUR CLASS THIS FRIDAY: As part of a Science activity, our class will learn how WORMS SURVIVE AND THRIVE in compost and watch them grow. Room 5 and 6 will watch a movie called "Wormania" this Thursday and welcome the 'worm lady' on Friday!Pls. bring some dead leaves and your mushy jack-o-lanterns on Friday so that we could feed the worms!

Best regards,

Mrs. Sharma